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  • Calls To Worship For A Wedding

    These are the first words spoken by your officiant, Minister, Justice of the Peace (JP) or Marriage Commissioner.
    Usually people are still standing at the end of the processional, when they are asked to stand for the entrance of the bride or couple.

  • Wedding Introductions

    This is the “Dearly beloved, we have gathered here” part

  • Opening Prayers

    Prayers should be a reflection of your own spirituality. They are, of course, optional.
    However, if clergy is marrying you, it would be fitting to invite them to pray for you. 
    And it might help!

  • Address to the People

    A short statement to your wedding guests about marriage

  • Address to the Couple

    Words spoken to the wedding couple

  • wedding poetry list

    Wedding poetry can add sparkle, meaning and individuality to your wedding ceremony.

  • Wedding Scripture

    One scripture reading will usually suffice. Those below are only suggestions.
    It is always appropriate to ask a friend or family member to read a scripture or a poem during your ceremony

  • Prayers for Grace

    A prayer in the middle of your service may be an appropriate follow-up to  any poetry or scripture that is read.  It also provides a quiet moment before the BIG question and the vows.  However, in weddings that need to be shortened. the prayer portion can be omitted.

  • Question for the Parents

    This may or may not be appropriate for
    your family situation. Follow your heart.

  • Question for the Children

    A marriage is a celebration of love and family. It sees the creation of a new family unit - one in which the children will play an important part.

  • Question of Intention

    Question of intention:

  • Wedding Vows

    These vows are, for the most part, the “repeat after me” variety. You are welcome to memorize them, or even read them to each other as an alternative. Feel free to mix and match and compose your own unique vows.

  • Ring Wedding Ceremony

    Ring ceremonies:

  • Marriage Prayers

    The Marriage Prayer

  • Wedding Benediction

    The Benediction

  • Unity Candles

    Especially appropriate for indoor wedding, the couple each take their own candle and together light a larger candle.
    A great symbol – especially when each partner leaves their own individual candle lit as well.
    The lighting of the candle often takes place just after the pronouncement of marriage and the kiss

  • Flower Ceremony

    Long stemmed roses are perfect. Plan to have a few flowers set aside on the altar, or near the officiant. After you are pronounced married, and have had your kiss, the next thing that usually happens is the signing of the legal documents.

  • Celtic Cup Wedding Ceremony

    As the guests arrive, they are each given a small pebble to hold during the Celtic Loving Cup Wedding Ceremony.  This ceremony is a ritual using elements of a traditional Irish wedding.

  • Choral Reading

    A Word from Scripture, Friends and Others: A Choral Reading for five readers.

  • Wedding Ceremony Planning Words
  • Funny Wedding Ceremony

    Wedding vows that are funny, or humorous.

  • Wedding Ceremony Hand Fasting
    Wedding hand fasting ceremony


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