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Wedding Poem Index Consider Love

Consider Love

Look here and there.

Consider love.

It's everywhere.

Consider love.

Observe a while.

It comes in every shape, and style.

There's simple love and love mysterious.

Frivolous love and love too serious.

There's hopeful love and love despairing.

Cautious love and love that's daring.

There's tiny love and love unbounded.

Logical love and love unfounded.

Love that's shallow.

Love that's deep.

Love extravagant.

Love....well, cheap.

Love that is clever.

Love perhaps foolish.

Love oh so hot.

Love rather coolish.

Young love.

Old love.

Meek love.

Bold love.

Eloquent love and never-told love.

Love that's inspiring.

Love that is tiring.

Love overzealous.

Love over-jealous.

Comfortable love and love problematic.

Love wistful and weary.

Love gently ecstatic.

Theatrical love that can suffer or smile, make grand declarations, and exit with style.

Now consider one love in the midst of the crowd -

an affectionate love, neither timid nor loud.

A love that appreciates fire, and grace.

A love that adores one remarkable face.

A love that is steady devoted, and true -

Consider my love for incredible you.



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