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Opening Prayers

Prayers should be a reflection of your own spirituality. They are, of course, optional. However, if clergy is marrying you, it would be fitting to invite them to pray for you. And it might help!


Gracious God, always faithful in your love for us, we rejoice in your presence. You create love. You unite us in one human family. May your presence fill our hearts with new joy, and make new the lives of your people whose marriage we celebrate. Bless all creation through this sign of your love shown in the love of {Name 1} and {Name 2} for each other. Sustain them, and all of us, in a love that knows no end. Amen


Loving God, you are at the heart of all our relationships. You are the understanding spirit that brings us together in friendship. You are the caring spirit that enables us to listen to each other's needs. You are the enduring spirit which holds fast when the storms of life hit home. You are the trusting spirit which builds our faith in one another. Bless this time together, we pray. Amen


O God in heaven, bless these friends of ours who are about to give their vows of faithfulness to each other and to live together in the covenant bond of marriage. Let your love become their love, so that in their lives together they may be more concerned about the other than themselves. Above all, help each of us to be their silent partners as we pray for them in the coming days, and be ready to assist them with good counsel and a helping hand. We pray this with joy in our hearts, Amen


O God, Creator of us all, we thank you for the gift of life and on this day we thank you especially for the joy that {Name 2} and {Name 1} have found in each other, and for the promises they will make before you. Bless all our families and friends on this special day. We pray particularly for those who are far away today but here in spirit, sharing the joy of this day. We pray, O God, that you remain with {Name 1} and {Name 2} as a partner in their marriage. Grant to them, and to us all, love and understanding all our days. Amen


Gracious God, your generous love surrounds us, and everything we enjoy comes from you. In your great love you have given us the gift of marriage. Bless {Name 1} and {Name 2} as they pledge their lives to each other. We feel that you have brought them together in the beginning, helped their love grow, and in this moment are with them in a special way. May their love continue to grow and be a true reflection of your love for us all. Amen.


O God of promise, your greatest gift is love, bless {Name 1} and {Name 2} who today within your presence will take each other in marriage. We thank you that they have found such love and faith and trust in each other that they wish to live for the other all the rest of their lives. Let nothing come between them, but throughout all the chances and changes of life keep them forever loving and forever true to each other. Keep them safe from all trouble which would hurt them in any way. But, when any trial does come to them, grant that it may only bring closer together and closer to you. Grant to them through all their days the perfect love which many waters cannot quench. Amen.


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