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Question For The Parents

This may or may not be appropriate for your family situation.
Follow your heart.


Let us all remember that the path of love is meant to be walked together with all the human family. {Name 1} and {Name 2} marry this day in the midst of your affection and friendship, and, most especially in the presence of those whose love has been their life's companion, their parents.



As {Name 1} and {Name 2} become( husband and in marriage),
they unite two families and create a new one.
As their parents, do you greet this new relationship
with joy and celebration and give them your blessing?
"We do."


As {Name 2} and {Name 1} give themselves to each other in marriage,
do you, who have nurtured them,
give them your blessing and promise them the support of your love?
"We do."


Do you, the families of {Name 1} and {Name 2}
give them your blessing and promise to uphold and care for them in their marriage?
"We do."


{Mother}, you gave birth to {Name 1}.
You and {Father} protected her/him, cared for her/him,
and watched her/him grow.
Through childhood and adolescence,
your support and encouragement
has been a major source of her/his strength,
and your love has been her/his constant companion.
Now, as a woman/man/, she/he is entering into marriage.
Will you give her/him your blessing and your support?
"We will."



A Blessing From Family and Friends

(It is usually appropriate and fun to ask all the guests
to stand and give their blessing.
Go ahead – put them on the spot!)

This couple needs you, the people closest to them,
for no one can live out this vision of love without caring and support.
Do you, their families and friends,
celebrate the marriage of {Name 1} and {Name 2}
and give them your blessing?
"We do!"


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