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Wedding Vows

These vows are, for the most part, the "repeat after me" variety.
You are welcome to memorize them, or even read them to
each other as an alternative. Feel free to mix and match
to compose your own unique vows.


In the presence of God, and before these witnesses,
I, {Name 2}, take you {Name 1},
to be my wife/husband/wedded partner,
to have and to hold from this day forward;
for better, for worse; for richer, for poorer;
in sickness and in health;
in joy and in sorrow;
as long as we both shall live.



_________, I join my life with yours;
to laugh with you in joy;
to grieve with you in sorrow;
to grow with you in love;
living in the world in peace and hope;
as long as we both shall live.



I, ____________, give myself to you
to be your husband/wife/wedded partner.
I promise to be true to you in good times and in bad,
in sickness and in health.
I will love you and honour you all the days of my life.



Day by day I promise
to love and to honour you,
to treasure you and to respect you,
to walk with you side by side in joy and sorrow.
Day by day I promise
to grow with you in truth,
to laugh with you, to cry with you,
and to love you with all that I am and all that I shall become.
This I promise you from the depth of my heart.



Because your love means so much to me,
I offer you my heart.
As your partner in life,
I will share your joys and your sorrows,
your laughter and your tears.
Through all the changes that life will bring,
I promise you this: I will always love you.



_________, I join you in marriage,
to share all of life with you,
its responsibilities and freedoms,
its tensions and trials, its joys and pleasures,
to cherish and to care for you,
and with you to follow God's leading
for the rest of my life.
This is my promise to you.



I, _________, in love and freedom,
choose you __________,
to be my beloved and my friend in times of peace,
in times of trouble, in times of sorrow,
and in times of joy.
I welcome you as my wife/husband/partner
for all my tomorrows.



___________, all that I am I give to you,
and all that I have I share with you.
I will love you and cherish you,
as long as we both shall live.
This is my solemn vow.



__________, as I have given you my hand to hold,
so I give you my life to keep.
This vow is made in love, kept in faith,
lived in hope, and eternally made new.



I take you, __________,  as a gift from God,
to be my lifelong companion
through tears and laughter,
sickness and health,
hardship and plenty.
I will love you faithfully, constantly and prayerfully,
now and forever. Amen.



___________, I give you my promise
to be by your side forevermore.
I promise to love you deeply, to honor you fully,
and to listen to you truly as we share our thoughts,
our hopes, our fears, and our dreams.
It is your heart that moves me,
your head that challenges me,
your humor that delights me,
and your hands I wish to hold until the end of my days.




I promise to give you the best of myself
and to ask of you no more than you can give.
I promise to respect you as your own person
and to realize that your interests, desires and needs
are no less important than my own.
I promise to share with you my time and my attention
and to bring joy, strength and imagination to our relationship.
I promise to keep myself open to you,
to let you see through the window of my world
into my innermost feelings, secrets and dreams.  
I promise to grow along with you, to be willing to face changes,
to keep our relationship alive. 
I promise to love you in good times and in bad,
with all I have to give,  and all I feel inside,  
in the only way I know.  
Completely and forever.





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